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24 February 2011

50 years

I am 50 years old. And I'm real glad! I'm not afraid or angry or worried that I'm 'over the hill' or just plain old. I'm 50. I have lived for half a century. I've seen music change from the Beatles to Lady Gaga; from records to mp3 players. My country has gone from Kennedy to Obama and survived just fine, thank you.

I'm the aunt to one wonderful young lady of a niece and three young nephews who show me what 'different' means. I have two brothers who made my life fun, weird, and wonderful. My mother is still hale and hardy at 80. My father died 20 years ago- and I miss him every day. The best decision I ever made was to adopt my dog, Nanna, the best friend a single woman could ask for.

I have a career instead of a job. This is my 20th year of teaching English and the important things in life to my students. Sometimes I think I actually teach a few of them.

I have old friends and new friends and several cities where I feel at home. I have travelled and I'm not done yet. I still plan to retire in Paris. I still think I may get married some day.

I never know what's next and that's a good thing. I like surprises. Life has more good to it than bad.

Fifty means I've had a lot of time, so far. It means I need to see what I've done and what I want to do next. It is hope and optimism.

I'm 50 and I'm real glad!

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Gigi Ann said...

You are still a spring chicken. Life is just beginning. I hope you fulfill your dream of retiring in Paris. Sounds like a plan to me. Have a great and fabulous day!

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