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03 July 2010

What have they been waiting for?

(I tried to publish this a few days ago but my pics wouldn't load. Obviously, this is Bremond and not Butler. )
14 years ago we moved out of this building. Last year we voted to tear it down. Then a group got together to Save Our School! This is the shape it is in as of May 2010- windows gone, roof leaks, vandalism so bad they put a fence around it.
I understand history and the desire to keep mementos of the past. But 13 years on disuse is not good for a building. After a request to listen to the SOS group at a school board meeting, it was realized that the plans to tear it down must continue. Why? Because the citizens voted to tear it town and the vote must be honored. Some one could sue the board if they didn't. (Hmm... I've never brought suit against anyone, yet.)

Lesson learned: don't wait until the wrecking ball is at the door to start doing something

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