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Heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women in the USA. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and cultivate social relationships (make friends!); these will help save your heart. I know because I have CAD, coronary artery disease.

03 July 2010

Aged About 59 Y'rs

Mom wanted to plant some flowers on Dad's grave and I went with her. Actually, Nanna and I went with her. While Mom planted flowers and pulled weeds, we took a walk and I took pictures.
This is an old cemetery. Among the interesting stones was this one on a little tower (I don't know what they are called but it was maybe 6 feet tall.) The 'aged about 59 y'rs' seemed strange. Was her exact age really unknown? No proof? Never asked, never said? Was she like cheese or wine- better with age?
I like cemeteries. The scary rep doesn't make sense. This one is open and green with lots of curious stones. Once, we talked to the guy who runs it, sorta, and did he have stories! He knew which men would lay alone in perpetuity because the wife married again and was buried with husband number two. Which deaths were mysteries? (Murder, suicide, accident.)
Not the least bit morbid.

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