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03 July 2010

Saddest Sign in Slippery Rock

In older days, the 1980's, the best sub shop in my college town of Slippery Rock was Bob's Subs. I lived only 20 minutes away and wanted a sub during the summer. However, THEY CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER!
Later, they moved to the old post office. And they no longer closed for the summer. :) But I graduated and moved away.
Now I am visiting for the summer. Several times a week I get to go to the college and swim in their wonderful indoor pool. ahhh. Then we (Mom and Karl) go to Bob's for dinner.
BUT,  not today. Because they posted this sign:

However, they were already closed on the evening of the 2nd. (And why are they closed until Bastille Day? Do they like the French, too?)

(This is a reprint of an article that would not post- to show my desperation.)
The saddest sign I've seen is this one posted in my favorite Slippery Rock Sub Shop. Back in the 80's, when I attended college there, the store closed for much of the summer. Most of the students left town and they could survive without being open for a while.
Now, they close and I don't think *I* can survive! No roast beef subs with Bob's special mayo! (sniff, sniff pardon me while I cry!)
I must be strong. I will eat at home (Mom's house) after swimming at the college pool. And I will allow the hard working people at Bob's Subs to have the time off from just before American Independence until Bastille Day.
I will return, smaller no doubt, but eager for a junior or senior roast beef sub. I can wait.
(Yep, but my summer is quickly going by.)

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