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Go deeper than the pink, go red. Go deeper than the breast, go to the heart.

Heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women in the USA. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and cultivate social relationships (make friends!); these will help save your heart. I know because I have CAD, coronary artery disease.

19 April 2010

Doors of Inspiration

Since before Easter I have had door issues. OK. The problem goes back beyond that. I hate screen doors. I *really* hate them. They close on my heels. They grab my sleeves. They annoy me. So one day, as I tried to get in the house, the kitchen door caught my foot; I kicked the lower panel on the door and it gave. And the storm door, the heavy one, would stick when shut. It stuck so well that, on Easter morning, I had to go out the front door and walk around the house to kick open the kitchen door. I said a few words that nice old ladies are not supposed to say.
I told the world’s best landlord about my problems and he sent help. On Friday night and Saturday afternoon Roger K. fixed my doors. The screen closes without help. The storm door fits perfectly- I can open and close it with ease.

I like my doors. (OK, I still hate screen doors; but, I’m glad it closes so well.)

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