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03 April 2009

Paris by request

After a long walk, including many steps and winding streets (one made of steps!), we arrived at the side of Sacre Coeur. Of course, we walked at night. So we weren't too sure of some of the people we saw along the way. However, the view of the church is very nice. We went inside (no pictures allowed) and somewhere along the way I lost my Metro Pass!
I'll post another picture and travel story in the next few days.


Gramma Ann said...

That night photo is kind of eerie! And walking the streets at night in a strange city is always a bit scary. But, I hate walking streets at night even if it is not a strange city or town. Thanks for sharing the photo and commentary.

Have a wonderful week-end!

Wren said...

I think the leafless branches add to the eerieness of the picture.

I may make some of these pictures into scrapbooks for me and Mom.

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