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04 March 2008

travel and tests

Two more days and I am away; back home to the only place for which I've ever felt homesick : Paris.

A friend asked me the other day if I had any friends there. I don't. I don't personally know anyone there. I didn't know anyone in Texas when I moved here either.

That was 1994. So much has changed since then; I can't have children, I'm heavier, I'm older, I'm deeper in debt. I have 17 years of teaching experience.

(Photo from ParisDailyPhoto by Eric. )
Some days I hate my job- not the people I work for (now) but some of the annoying things the kids do. I wish they would just SHUT THE HELL UP! Jeremy, Michael and Travis this means YOU!

And today someone stole three dvds out of my mail slot at work. Bastards.

Anyway, tomorrow is TAKS ELA and READING tests. This is a day when we torture students by having them take the 4th or 5th test of this type, this year. This is the one that counts, the one the state has created.

This is part of the cookie cutter of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Each bit of dough is cut with the same cutter. Despite not having enough dough or too much dough, each cookie is to turn out the same.

I'm being tested in my TEFL class. Each lesson I turn in is checked and reviewed. I must say I am doing quite well. Only 14 lessons to go!

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Wren said...

Just a note: the dvds were misplaced and have been returned!

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