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05 March 2008

Brain matter

Since the only person who reads this, so far, is me, I have decided to think of me as my audience.

Ahem... I hope it rains tomorrow. Not just rain, I want lightning too. See if it rains, we will still have a track meet and I will have to serve hot chocolate and Frito pie and hot dogs. If we have lightning early enough, everyone will go home- even me! I have a trip to pack and clean for so I would rather do that than sell junk food to teenagers. So sue me. (Even if you win you'll lose- I don't have any money.)

Thanks to the recent primary in Texas, Hillary is still in the race. I don't care so much which Democrat wins as long as John McCain can beat him/her/it.

Just once I want to hear Hill say "I ran this country before and I can do it again!"

Barak would piss off a bunch of people if he won. Pissed off rednecks are dangerous and stupid. Not only would they shoot someone, they might shoot me!

What would happen if a tv network only played music videos of classic and modern rock and roll? Aren't there enough people who don't like rap and who can speak without swearing and saying 'like' all the time out there who would watch? Count me as one.

Why is candy easy to eat but you have to cut up vegetables or dip them in dressing to make them tasty? Right, God's sense of humor (maybe he' a Brit.)

It's the forth week of Lent and no one has temporarily given me anything. (Keep thinking.)

Work to do. No more emptying my brain on the keyboard.


Sean Michener said...

I read this occasionally so you do have one reader just a few weeks behind cause you don't update often :)

Anonymous said...

I will update more often now that two things have happened:

I have an audience!

School contests are over!!


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