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06 July 2010

Once upon a time

I have worked in far too many jobs to try and remember them all now. Teaching is the best one; it's the only one I didn't enjoy in Pennsylvania. I got to sub which is a step above begging. I've said I'll never sub again as long as there is Unemployment and people to scam. (Not that I'm good at that. ;))
But one job that stands out is working at the movie theatre. I began at the drive-in as a summer worker, then manager, then part-time at this two screen indoor theatre. It was built back in the 30s I believe. After decades of showing great and sometimes weird movies, it has closed. I wish I could say I miss it, but I don't.
(It is located on Main Street and pretty much looks like this right now. I got the picture from a Google search.)


Gramma Ann said...

There is an old theater in our area, about a 20 minute drive. I love it, it is like going Back To The Future. It does keep up with the latest movies. And the best thing is it only cost $3.00 to go to the movie there. My friends and I almost always set in the balcony, Now that really brings back memories.

Tillie said...

i remember your stories from working at the fun. Hope you are having a blast!

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