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24 January 2010

Carol Channing at TETA

Carol Channing graced the Texas Education Theatre Association convention this past January 22nd. She spoke about her life in the theatre. She sang and joked- she even repositioned her chair because the interviewer was upstaging her!

Miss Channing will be 89 this month. With her energy she will live to 121 (older than anyone has ever lived!)

This picture is special to me because the man with her is her beloved husband Harry. They met in junior high school; 70 years later they married!

Carol and her husband support arts in the schools. Please help all students by encouraging schools to keep the arts. Remember, Einstein played the violin!

(This is the best picture I took. I was so far away and my poor little camera did its best. Thanks to Picasa for the free software to edit it a bit.)


Gramma Ann said...

How fortunate of you to see Ms. Channing. I have always thought she was a darling. And what a wonderful story of her 70 year romance with her husband. That is great! She was a very funny lady, and to not be out done by the interviewer is hilarious. Good for her.

Wren said...

Ms Channing was a delight. I think it was nice for teens to see an 88 year old woman who is agile both in mind and body. Great example of clean living and luck!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see it.

MJ said...

Hi Wren, I'm having a helluva time reading through the blogs of my posse. I love this post. I love Carol Channing and her huge smile and infectious energy.

How cool you got to see her.

P.S. I also love the above post about the French bread. How did you get it? I like to know I have options once Stateside again...


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