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09 November 2009

Bad Week

I don't have a picture today. Last week was a bad week and no picture could convey that. Let's start with Monday. One of my students suffered a head injury when he surfed on a friend's car and fell on his head. he suffered a concussion and spent two days in the hospital.

Then on Thursday, after school, two students were in a wreck at the school entrance. At first I was the only teacher in attendance. The police took 30 minutes to arrive. Ems, parents, super, principal, everyone else was there first. End result: the passenger in the student's car has whiplash and a concussion, both drivers are ok (one was a grandma the other a junior in high school.) The student's car is trashed.

Then I heard about the tragedy at Fort Hood. Hard to believe a serviceman would do that. Again the ugly Anti-Muslim sentiments from the misguided. The fort is not too far from me (anyplace less than 150 miles away is 'not too far' in Texas lingo.)

Then, on Friday, a former student posted an idiotic comment on Facebook. This was before lunch but I heard about it after lunch. Let's say NEVER mention a school district and Columbine in the same sentence. We had parents drive to the school to check out their kids. If this guy wanted to shoot anyone, many of these people would have been in his easy line of fire. Classroom doors were locked, the front door was manned and locked, and office phones rang off the wall. Why would parents call their kids (who's phones should be OFF) and ask them what's going on? To scare them half to death?

Anyway, the pep rally was cancelled. But, in true Texas fashion, the game was on. Ok, the idiot who posted the comment was in custody before school was out. I work the ticket booth. And that night I accidentally knocked the stick out of the way (the one that holds the window up) and it tried to cut off my fingers. Lucky me, I suffered a bruise finger and a cut cuticle. One band-aid and bag of ice later and I was back to work selling tickets.

Any wonder why I went out for ice cream? And was on the verge of tears?

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Gramma Ann said...

Talk about losing your mind, I read this yesterday and thought I left a comment. Where was my mind. Anyway, what I was going to say yesterday was: I agree it sure sounds like you had a bad week. Things can only start looking up from now on. Unless.... you meet up with a rattlesnake, now that would really make my week bad.

I hope you have a better week this week, after all it is about half over.


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