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07 September 2009

city park

This is our city park. It's next to the post office on Main Street. Several sidewalks wind around and pass boxes with the names of composers, rocks from every state, and street signs from donors. I believe some pavers are included with donor names as well.

We have a few other parks as well and some day I'll have to show them.

This was taken on Labor Day 2009. Very few people were hanging around Main Street that day.


Gramma Ann said...

It looks like a nice place to go and relax for an hour or so. Are the composers from Texas? Or why were boxes placed in the park with composers names on them?

I will have to post a picture of our park in "My Secret Garden" blog.

Wren said...

The composers are famous- Chopin, Mozart, etc. Why the boxes? Why composers?
Here's what I remember. It's called a 'classical garden' and they extended the idea of a classically designed garden to one made in tribute to classical composers. The boxes were just a colorful place to attach info on the composers.
I should have added this info to the post.
Good questions!

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