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Heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women in the USA. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and cultivate social relationships (make friends!); these will help save your heart. I know because I have CAD, coronary artery disease.

15 August 2009

A View of a Bridge

Nanna and I drove home taking the loooong way; we stopped in Florida to drop off my teen nephews. One stop along the way is this bridge on Rt 19 in WVA. We walked down the steps (over 200!) to the viewing area. This bridge is one that allows base jumpers and bungie jumpers once a year. Beautiful and very far to the bottom.

The boys and Nanna returned to the car while I took my time (as my heart and lungs demanded).

My aunt and uncle in Florida were delighted to meet the nephews; they had never seen them before! I'll be back in June!

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Gramma Ann said...

Hi Wren,

Oh yes! I am still here!

If you visit,
it will explain why I'm not blogging as much. Anytime I blog from now on, it will probably be on this blog. It is my personal blog and doesn't have a theme, so I can rant and rave, or talk about what I am doing, or post a video or two, or Just have a little fun If I chose.

I see you are home and probably back to work. My daughter-in-law works as a teacher's assistant. She started back to work this week.

I'm sure you had a fun vacation. It is always fun to visit family and friends. I look forward to hearing about some of the fun things you did this summer. We didn't go anywhere this year, we will probably go back and visit the family next summer.

Until next time, have a great back to work month. ;)


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