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31 August 2009

The Ugly, The Good, Tinytown

When I returned to Tinytown on the 8th of August I had no idea that a tragedy had occured which would deeply affect me. This is the "Ugly" part of the post.

A man I and many others respected was charged with a crime we know he could not have committed. No way, no how. However, maybe to spare his family a trial or cruel allegations, he ended his life on the morning of August 9th. When I found out, I was as close to being in shock as I have ever been (and that includes having been in a one car accident and losing my neighbors in a horrific car-train crash.)The worst part was reading the blogs for the news channels. Cruel, clueless, stupid people left comments designed to hurt innocent people. Fortunately the priest reads the blogs as well and the funeral was held in private before the out of town press knew anything about it.

Now for the "Good." Everyone I have spoken to has said the same thing. This man was a gentleman. He would hurt himself before he would ever hurt anyone else. And no one had ever heard one word against the man. I said he was an example of God showing off; good-looking, kind, smart, deeply religious, took care of his mom and differently-abled brother. John can rest in peace. His friends and fellow catholics are praying for him and his family. This is a good town. When we need to we stand together and protect our own. We are not stupid, nor are we naive.

And now the "Tinytown" part. For at least one month I will post a picture each day of this 'Tinytown.' I have called Bremond 'home' for 15 years. There is so much good here. I just don't know if there is enough for a picture a day for a month, let alone four months or a year. But I will try.

So, for one month at least, this blog could be subtitled: BremondDailyPhoto.

(This month's theme day is BIG. What's big in Tinytown? Check in tomorrow to find out.)



Gramma Ann said...

So sorry about your friend. My heart goes out to you and his family.

Sometimes things happen that are just to much to bear, and people can't see any other way out but to take their own life. It is a very sad time for family and friends. I know because I had a son who took his own life 5 years ago on August 8, 2004.

All I can say is be there for the family, and prayer that they can cope at this most difficult time. There is no going back, so we just have to find ways to cope, and realize that life goes on and we continue to live one day at a time.... It's gets easier with each passing day.

I will be looking forward for your pictures of Bremond. I love seeing little corners of other peoples little part of this big beautiful world.

Gramma Ann said...

I should proof-read before I post.... I meant "pray" that they can cope... but prayer is good too. ; )

Wren said...

Thank you Gramma Ann, for your kind words. My sympathies are with you in the loss of your son. With John I try to remember the many ways he was kind to everyone.

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