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06 July 2009

Empire inspires

After Shrek we went to the Empire State Building. This meant taking my brother on his first New York subway ride. He has heard many bad things about the subway; this means he has NOT been listening to me for the last 10 years! I've said it is clean, safe, cheap and efficient. Because it is. So, after figuring out which way to go (it may be the 'nearest thing to heaven' but there are an awful lot of tall buildings in the way- and I can't see through them.) we decended to the depths, bought our tickets and stepped onto one on New York's nicest subway trains. Little brother was impressed.

We arrived at the ESB (Empire State Building) around 10:30 pm. Last elevator up is midnight. We have time. Fortunately I bought tickets online. Oddly, we do not have a long wait because the place is not busy. That's right; after the shows the ESB is not busy. It is not a simple ride to the top. No. Escalator, walk, elevator, cattle drive, elevator, top. Along this path there are places to take tourist photos (Look, I;m standing next to the ESB and I can touch the top. My brother did so in the pic I took of him. I wasn't thinking and just stood there, I think.)

Once we got outside, into the night air with a great view of the city, my brother was the most impressed I've ever seen him. He took LOTS of pictures! He had two cameras with him. It sounds like a 'typical' thing to visit the ESB, but it really is something to experience. The first time I saw it was during a warm drizzly day in 2002. This was so much better.

I love New York!


Gramma Ann said...

How great that must have been. To look out over the sea of lights of NYC. I have never been to the Empire State Building, only in movies...hee hee. I go about once or twice a year, if I watch "Sleepless in Seattle" or "An Affair To Remember"

I think I would be afraid to ride the Subways, I'm a nervous wreck when I'm in a large city. I'm just a country girl. But, once I'm on my way home I love remembering the skyscrapers and all the excitement of the visit.

I'm glad to hear that you and your brother had such a wonderful time.

Wren said...

Seeing him enjoy the city was the best part. Hard to believe I use to fight with him!

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