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09 June 2009

travel- day one

(This is Wren. We didn't leave until Tuesday because I spent time with friends and didn't get my packing done. Nanna had little to no pain from her shots. She was so antsy this morning before she left- this girl likes to go with me.)

This is Nanna. Trip Day One. Tiny Town Texas to ...

I was so excited this morning! We left on our trip to Pennsylvania! Mommy packed last night while I stretched out on the bed and watched. She packed a whole bag just for me! Once she got everything in the car, she had me get into my bag. I know that bag means I am going on a trip and I have to stay in the bag while Mommy drives.
After almost 400 miles we stopped in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Our hotel is new and they like pets! I met another canine who was not friendly. He barked at me and tried to scare me. His daddy got him away from me. (I think the big guy was a mix with some Pit Bull and something nice, maybe a bloodhound. He didn’t scare me. Much.) Any way, I was on a leash and he wasn’t. I was brave.
Mommy fed me roast beef from Arby’s and chicken from Wendy’s today. I like meat! Tonight I get to sleep in a big bed. Mommy can sleep there, too.
Tomorrow is all travel. Mississippi to Tennessee. I get to sleep a lot.
I miss you Aunt Cara and Mr. Donnie! Tell Sadie I said ‘hello.’


Gramma Ann said...

Hey Nanna, so glad you like to travel. I like to travel too, I set between my man slave and my woman slave. I have a little platform I set on and sleep. But when we get in the mountains I began to look like the bobble head dogs in the rear windows of some of the cars we see. I don't especially like the mountains. But, I never throw up, I'm such a good doggy.

Joey...arf, arf.

Gramma Ann said...

Wren ~ Are you there yet?

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