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22 June 2009

Day 2 and more

(This is Wren. Nanna hasn’t written recently because her secretary has not sat down to write ;) She is insisting that I get out an update. )

Nanna: Day 2
We traveled all day! We left Vicksburg MS in the am and ended up north of Chattenooga, Tennessee. That’s over 500 miles. The picture above is me in my bag. Mommy makes me stay in it when she’s driving. I miss her lap but my bag is cozy and has several soft toys in it.
Day 3
We arrived at Grandma’s house! I love Grandma’s house! It has steps and a deck and more steps up to my room (ok, our room). We have a big bed. Our bathroom (ok, Mommy’s bathroom) is in the basement. That means we trot down two flights of stairs in order to …go.
And so on…
So that was Wednesday and Thursday. We stayed at home mostly the other days. (I know I did. She goes somewhere and I have to stay in the basement or up in our room. )
On Monday one of Uncle Karl’s friends came to the house and cut and colored Mommy’s hair. She really liked it a lot. She said she felt beautiful and no longer hates her hair.
Then on Tuesday morning she left me here at 5 am. I stayed with Grandma for the next three days and missed Mommy like crazy. I was so happy she returned on Thursday. I hope she never leaves me again.
One day, I don’t remember which one but it wasn’t this past Sunday, we (me, Mommy and Grandma) drove to the cemetery where Grandpa is buried. I never met him but Mommy says he would have loved me. Of course he would, I thought. Doesn’t everyone?
Uncle Mark and his family came over on Father’s Day and I was sentenced to the basement while they went out to eat. Are lovely little princesses in black coats not welcome in restaurants? Why? I take baths.
Anyway, Mommy is going to write a bit tomorrow about what she’s been up to. Then I’ll know where she went. She finished a book today. Something about a vampire and a girl in Washington state. :>
Woof! (Hi Joey!)

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Gramma Ann said...

I am glad to hear you made it safe and sound. I know the slave woman will enjoy hearing what your mommy is up to. It has been very very hot here today and it's suppose to be very hot tomorrow.

Joey Arf, arf...

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