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10 April 2009

Locks on the Seine

As Mom and I walked across a pedestrian bridge in Paris, I noticed this sight. I cannot fathom why these locks are here. Often when I take a pictue I have a caption in mind. Not so this time. Just today I came up with this: Locks on the river Seine.
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Gramma Ann said...

That is strange, it must mean something. Maybe you need to see if Eric PDP has any ideas as to why they are there.

But, I like your caption, it is very fitting.

I like the photo, it is a memory, with a mystery!

The picture you asked about, I left the answer on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Lock in the memories.

Anonymous said...

every year people get engaged on this bridge. these locks usually have the names or initials of the couple that got engaged, then they lock their lock onto the bridge to symbolize their lasting love for each other. i went on a bike tour of Paris and that is what our guide told us. sorry to ruin the mystery, but hope this info helps!

Wren said...

Thank you mystery person for solving this mystery. I really wanted to know. Some day I want to put a lock on there!

Wren said...
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Wren said...
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