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27 March 2009

Texas 16, Paris 0

I'll be in Texas for at least one more year. :-(

A nice man at the Wall Street Institute for language told me it would be 'almost impossible' to get a job in France. In order to get a job, I have to have the correct paperwork which a company has to begin after offering me a contract and paying a fee of over $3000. (Euro 2000) And no one is willing to do that right now.

On Wednesday after my return, my boss gave me my new contract for another year in Texas. So I'll be staying and making the most of my time.

Nanna was well taken care of by her Auntie Cara. How could I possibly leave such a wonderful friend? I won't for at least another year and I know she is happy to have me (and Nanna!) stay longer.

I have made a slide show of some of the statues (and one famous picture) I saw in Paris. My comments are a little risque. But what would you say about four statues of men looking at their own anatomy?

Very good news came on Tuesday the 24th of March. Our one act play students earned 5 medals for acting (one for each actor)! and one for a crew member! Way to go kids!

More later.


Gramma Ann said...

Rats, you have to wait another year. I hope your dream will come true then. It sounds and looks like you had a nice trip to Paris. I enjoyed your photos.

Have a nice week-end.

Gramma Ann said...

Is it "then or than?" I never know which one to use in a sentence.

Wren said...

You used the right one. I can't remember the rule at the moment. Glad you liked the pictures!

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