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15 February 2009

Daytona 500, Mark

The Superbowl is a big deal. However, race fans know DAYTONA is THE BIG DEAL. Today is the start of the Nascar season and I am watching from my common seat on the couch. (I also sleep here and eat here.)

My numbers to watch are 24- Jeff Gordon, 48- Jimmy Johnson, and 55- Michael Waltrip. I like some others as well, Carl and Kasey, for example. But the first three are my favorites. So who am I rooting for today? Mark Martin. He's 50, a gentleman, and he has never won Daytona. Go Mark!

In another note, I ask for prayers for my older brother, also named Mark, who is experiencing some medical problems. He sees a doctor in March. Thanks.


Gramma Ann said...

First, I am sorry to hear your Brother is having health problems and I hope the Doctors can help him.

Second, I am not a Nascar fan, but my daughter and family are. I tell them I can tease them about Nascar racing, because when they start chasing me, I'll just turn right and get away from them. ;) Being a Nascar fan I'm sure you heard that joke many times. Enjoy the races!

Wren said...

Thank you for the prayers.

I haven't heard that about racing. However, I do have trouble getting students (and others) to believe that it is a sport.

Keep making life beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I do hope Mark is doing better I am worried he may have something bad, let it just be side effects of his meds.

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