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18 January 2009

Don't Worry; Be Happy

I get it. The new president is the NEXT BIG THING. And I pray he does a good job. But do we expect him to live up to quite unreal expectations? He is not the electricity for the machine of government; he is another cog in the system. He cannot work alone. When he angers some people, will they start saying our black president is too white?

This election was important. While I voted for McCain, I can support Obama. His color does not bother me; nor does his age. His experience would be a problem if he had filled his cabinet with unqualified people. I believe he is more than adequate for the job.

So what IS my concern? Are we making too much of this history making election and expecting that momentum to correct all the problems we are facing? How quickly will people turn on him and the ugliness of politics surface?

I am in a position of safety; I’ve had the same job for 15 years and expect to have this job for more years if I want it (I don’t; that’s another story.) My rent is low, my car in good shape, my bills paid with money left over. The people who have lost jobs, without a home, with too little money are the ones getting all the press. I am not suffering so I cannot relate to their problems. Telling me to protect anything for future generations is also pointless. Yes, I am a teacher; but God did not allow me to procreate so I have no future generation to be concerned about (even with nieces and nephews. Sorry, not actually MY concern.)

This is my point: I am not worried. We will get through this. But do not expect the government to fix anything. Stop spending on needless things; create new jobs; do what you can.

God bless the USA, President Bush, our troops, and the new administration.


Gramma Ann said...

It's your blog say whatever you think. That's what I do on my blogs, they are for my entertainment, if others read them I don't care.

I am retired, and we have always lived within our means. I live in a small apartment that I realize most people wouldn't be happy in, but it suits us, and it's paid for. I agree with you when you said "Stop spending on needless things" Who needs a house with 10 or 15 rooms. No wonder so many are losing their homes, they couldn't afford them when they were working. So that is a case where they should of thought into the future. Not from one payday to the next. Sorry, I didn't mean for this to be so long. I will stop rambling now.

Wren said...

Thank you for understanding. I see so many ads for "more" and "bigger" stuff. I have too much stuff- in my dreams I'm shown more stuff!

Like someone said, "simplify."

(And I am trying.)

Gramma Ann said...


When we moved here almost 11 years ago, I downsized ALOT! We had lived in the same house for 40 years and raised the 5 children there. So believe me I know what it means to "Simplify" And believe it or not, I do not miss the house with two baths, 5 bedrooms and all the other rooms. I love my little apartment.♥

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