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22 November 2008

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Friday was a good day. I became a strict and mean teacher for my first and third period classes. It felt good to be a b*tch. Learning took place. Seventh period will get the full blast on Monday. (We got out an hour earlier today because of a playoff game- double good news only interrupted by the next item.)

Friday became a bad day. ABC cancelled PUSHING DAISIES. This is the only show I record during the week. Colorful, charming and quirky I guess it had little chance of survival in a "reality" filled world. uh.

And then the ugly came. The realization that after 8 MONTHS of Weight Watchers I have lost and gained the same 7 pounds twice. Owning the stuff, paying the fee, attending the meetings will not help if I don't follow the plan. It's like learning French, all the books and cds in the world will not help if I don't use them.

So, for accountability, I will post more often and record what helps and what doesn't.

As for French, I am taking a class on Wednesday nights (hence the reason to record PUSHING DAISIES.)

Oh yes, the stack of graded papers whose grades I need to record in the online grade book has officially passed 6 inches!


Gramma Ann said...

Good for you, sometimes we need to be a little b*tching and make those children set up and learn something. I hope things went well for you today with the other class.

As far as WW, I found as long as I was strict and followed the program and did my exercises it worked. But as soon as I strayed from the program back the pounds came. It really is a lifestyle way of eating. Which when I say "Life" that's what I mean. I can only take their way for about a year, when I get serious. But after about a year I get sick of thinking what I will eat everyday. So I gain all the weight back plus a few more pounds. I don't know what to tell you to encourage you. You say you lost 8 pounds and gained it back a few times. I probably have lost 50 pounds and gained them back. It takes a lot of will power, which I know they say it doesn't but for me it does.

Enough what you can and be happy with the results.

Enjoy your French lessons!

Wren said...

Thank you for being so encouraging. One of these days I will loose the weight.
As for my class, things are going much better.
3 more French classes to go.

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