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03 October 2008


Hurricane Ike whipped past three weeks ago. That left our town, as well as some others, without electricity. No damage in Tinytown, just no power. Why? The town our power comes from was hit- Beaumont. Ironically, there is a power plant just outside of Tinytown. Water, water everywhere/ nor any drop to drink...indeed.

If there can be a good side to the hurricane it was this. The people jumped in to help each other. People cooked, often as barbecue, food that was about to spoil due to a lack of refrigeration. People called each other to share news. FEMA sent water and ice. Sanderson Farms donated ice. Thank you and a good job to both.

Who is FEMA? From what I saw, FEMA is us. You and me. Students, not having school, came up to the school and handed out ice and water.

People with power offered their homes as a place to stay or at least to have a hot shower. How could this be? The people in town, like me, have one power company: Entergy. The people outside of town have another company. So they had power.

Lucky me, I have a gas hot water heater and stove so I could take a bath and cook. Water could have been an issue. However, the city got generators for the wells and the lift stations of the water department. An electrician, hearing of the city's need for his services, volunteered to set-up the generators. See, nice people.

Now some advice. Make sure you have a simple telephone in your house. One that just plugs into the phone outlet. Otherwise, during a power outage, you will not have phone service. (and your cell will loose its charge eventually.) Now this is helpful if the telephone company runs a generator to maintain service. Ours did. I know because I could hear it running almost every day during the outage.

Because of a lack of power, I had to open the windows and doors- something I never do. I noticed the silence on Saturday. No fans, no ac, no refrigerator. Silence. Then the generators began. And more generators. I still open the windows now and try not to use the ac (which is on tonight because it was just too darn hot!)

The power went off on Saturday morning and did not return until Wednesday night. I went back to work on Thursday and the students returned on Friday.

Ain't life grand?

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