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19 October 2008

baazar or bazar

Today is the church bazar. That means another day to eat THE MEAL. That is beef barbecue, mashed potato salad, coleslaw, ranch beans, white bread, pickles and onions. Ice tea (sweet or unsweet)to drink and choice of deserts. $7

I skipped all of that and got a chopped beef sandwich. $3

So this is barbecue three for the year. (I'm counting.)

Now how do I figure Weight Watcher's points on that?


Gramma Ann said...

2 Bread====4 pts.
4 Protein==4 pts.
BBQ sauce==1 pt.
Total......9 pts.

I'm only guessing but that is how I would count it. ;)

I'm a Lifetime member, but you wouldn't know it by looking at me..;)

Wren said...

I've been a member for 6 months and have only lost 7 pounds. (I need to loose mannnny more.)
But I refuse to quit!
Thank you for the numbers. I can do it.

Gramma Ann said...

Seven pounds is good. When you are busy teaching and lead an active life it is sometimes difficult to stay on track. But don't give up. Remember 7 pounds lighter is better than 7 pounds heavier...;) So I'm here enthusiastically cheering you on!!! FLY LITTLE WREN FLY!!!!

Wren said...

Thank you! It helps to have a cheerleader in one's corner!

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