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16 June 2008

on vacation, part 1, be kind to others

Nanna the wonder dog and I have arrived in Pennsylvania! Because my mother has dial-up, I cannot connect very often. I either have to go to McDonald's ($2.95 for 2 hours) or to my brother's cat house (for free- cats watch every move I make!)

I am at the cat house now. A large orange carpet, I am told, is actually a cat named Mango. The other eyes on me are from Maddy. She is grey. This house is in the part of town that minorities stay out of. It is haunted and under the new bridge. This house is haunted by a dog- who is still reeking in the enclosed porch. Neighbors claim mental illness plagues all who live near this strange white house.

Case in point, a kind young man who is possibly retarded collects cans. One day, a neighbor or two (two white trash -fill in expletive here-) males teased this young man. They were assisted by the local crack whore (who is either their sister or girlfriend or -ewe- both.)This young is NOT violent, usually. However, they pushed too far. They teased him in front of their own modest (read still standing) rent house. Kind young man got the better of them. He ran into their house and locked the door!

Then he started trashing their house! Out the windows went the following: one toilet tank top, toilet paper, shampoo, towels, pillows, breadspreads, clothing, pictures and whatever he could get his hands on. The geniuses outside decided to fight back by climbing on the porch roof to enter the bathroom. However, they could not reach. So they dragged a CHAIR up on the roof and climbed up- but only for a second! Because he fell (and their was great rejoycing.)lol

The kind young man had thrown something at the climber which caused him to fall off the chair, bounce off the roof and land solidly on the ground.

Then the young walked home unmolested.

I love a happy ending!

1 comment:

Gramma Ann said...

It sounds like the vacation from Hell!!! (just a joke)

Visiting family is always a fun filled time?

Have a good time and look out for flying toilets;))

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