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06 June 2008

How to eat Blue Bell ice cream

Because it is almost officially summer, and because I need to say something nice, for a change, about Texas, I have the following instructions:

How to eat Blue Bell ice cream:

1.Buy a pint of your favorite flavor (current flavor is Cake Batter, mmm)
2.Tear off a paper towel (normal size, not the almost- a- paper- towel size)
3.Fold the towel in half lengthwise
4.Wrap the towel around the pint of ice cream
5.Remove and discard the lid (you will not need the lid)
6.Find a sturdy spoon
7.Eat the ice cream, all of it (waste not, want not)

At less than 8oo calories a pint you get several servings of milk and two meals at once.

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Gramma Ann said...

Very good advice!!!lol.

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