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12 May 2008

Missing Film Mystery- Solved!

Over Spring Break, this past March, I took a trip to Paris. To record this event I brought along two cameras and three rolls of film. And a bunch of batteries.
The digital camera produced adequate pictures. I saved them to my desktop and printed a few expecting to have actual pictures from the APS film I had shot.
Two rolls of film were sent to Wal-mart for processing. Upon return I discovered envelopes full of reprints. Had I sent the wrong rolls in?
I searched everywhere for my missing film. Did I leave them in Paris? Oh no.
The third roll, still in the camera, had a few pictures left. I shot them and turned in the film to Wal-mart, again.
After 12 days I finally got my pictures. This roll was also reprints from four years ago!
So what happened to my film? I must have tried to reuse the rolls (if they haven't been marked correctly by the lab that can happen.)
I did not lose the film. I just took pictures on the wrong rolls. Fortunately (?) the original film was not damaged.

Lesson learned: take two cameras, buy lots of batteries, buy FRESH film.

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