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17 May 2008

Expelled, Iron Man

Today was a twofer. I saw two movies.

If you would rather not think, then skip EXPELLED. This is for the thinking public which in America equals about 4% of the population. The argument: should academia explore the idea of intelligent design? Apparently, if one even mentions ID in some colleges, one is let go- not renewed. This is a flipflop on the creation theory verses Darwin's evolution theory. Once upon a time a person in favor of evolution was suspect. Now one who questions evolution or Darwinism is suspect.
If the education system prohibits the exploration of alternate theories, then from where will new ideas come? Eductation, especially higher education, should look at new ideas. To keep to the old is the advent of another Dark Ages.
Does the mere thought of God, any god, frighten or annoy academia that much? It was my understanding from the film that ID does not adhere to any religion; it just questions the idea of chaos as opposed to planning. It does not say who or what created life. The answer is unknown. Further study is needed. And that study is stalled by science.

IRON MAN is a delight. Robert Downey Jr is a delight. Action and science fiction fused in a comic book makes for one hell of an adventure! As George Lucas proved over thirty years ago, science fiction movies can be quality films, with quality actors. Since many will see this movie I have decided not to elaborate on it here. Suffice to say, I have never read the comic book but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Join the crowd!

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