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25 June 2014

Not feeling it

I'm putting this blog on hold. I might not post more than one or two times. The reason is in the title. I'm not feeling it.

I don't like Texas. I'm there for the job and I like many of the people I have met. But I'm not a Texan and don't want to be. I am an American. I am not too thrilled with my country at the moment.

An unexplainable situation at work is making my life much more stressful than I care to think about. I can't really talk about it in part because I can't get information from the one person who is behind all the trouble. Let me say I do want to finish my two years and retire.

Paris is never far from my mind. Whether I go and stay forever or only for a few months at a time, I still plan to go there, be there, live there. Viva la france!

I will start a different blog. The new one will be my thoughts and reviews. I believe in equal rights for all and that certainly includes gays. I am  opposed to everyone and his grandmother owning a gun; rarely does a day go by without an innocent person getting killed by a legal gun owner. Don't give me the stupid argument that guns don't kill people but that if I think they do then we need to outlaw hammers, cars, knives, etc. And the government is NOT going to kill you.

Of course, education is a big deal with me. Testing is NOT the way to determine if students are learning or teachers are teaching. Cumulative data is more accurate on both accounts. A paragraph or two about each individual student, detailing learning styles and achievements and areas for improvement, would be much more accurate and worthwhile. More work? Yes. But more worthwhile.

I like the president. I liked George W. Bush as well. I was a Republican. Their ideas and policies are foreign to me now. Not thrilled with Democrats either. Maybe I'm a socialist. I've been poor, without insurance, and worried more about the bill than the illness. That is wrong.

So, if you want to hear me ramble on, then follow me. If you want to argue and call me stupid, don't bother.

Until whenever,


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