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12 February 2013

School time

I am still here, in Texas. That's not bad news. Okay, that's not real bad news. It could be worse. I could be dead-- my heart gave me a bit of a shock on Saturday. But I'm fine. However, pictures of Paris are making me homesick.

I have a question for anyone who attended school in France. At the age of 15, what classes were you taking and how many hours of study did you normally have? I ask because my students are preparing for state tests and I worry they are not ready. School is not all that important to most of them.

Here is a typical schedule for a 15 year old (most likely this person is a freshman.)

Algebra or geometry
Physics or chemistry
World history
Physical Education

If the student plays a sport; currently baseball, softball, golf, track or tennis; eight hours or more are spent practicing or playing.

Study time?

The school day is 8:00am to 3:08pm. Include 30 minutes for lunch and four minutes between classes, thirty minutes for tutorials after lunch and seven classes and you get 48 to 53 minutes for class.

How does this compare? Anyone?

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