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10 April 2012

Miller Odd (Aud)

Romeo and Juliet, Rosenkrants and Guildenstern are Dead, Dacula, Godspell, God's Favorite, Man of LaMancha. Just a few of the shows I worked on during my college years at Slippery Rock University. The students who worked there, like me, learned every room, every prop, every costume. We knew that place in the dark. I still remember visiting a very hidden room. No windows, no door, it was accessed by jumping down into the room. Only a person with good upper body strength (or a friend) could get OUT of there.

I mention this because it is all going away starting this summer. Miller Auditorium, home of many good and strange memories, is getting a complete redo. I'm told I won't recognize the place when the remodeling is done.

Does that mean Emma Guffy Miller and the other ghosts of the place will be without a home? What's a theatre without a ghost or two? "Why, in my day Sonny, if the ghosts wouldn't play along then we created our own!"

Poor little backwards placed theatre. It's about time it got some lovin'.
(Picture found with Gooogle. I like the ghost lights on the front.)

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