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02 August 2011

A lovely day

Years ago I asked my students to write about the best day of their life so far. This got me thinking: what was my best day? I thought back to college and a day I spent with Lane at his grandmother's house. We listened to music- on a Victrola! and read some of his old essays. It was a normal day for two people who didn't thrive on 'normal.'
Well, this summer Lane fell ill and spent 28 days in the hospital! After he got out I went to see him and we had another great day. We watched a bit of a movie, had dinner at Denny's (we are not gourmets) and visited Swallow Falls state park. Ah! What a lovely place! And I spent time outside- I NEVER do that!


Gigi Ann said...

Oh. My. Goodness. This was one of my favorite places to hang out when I was a teen-ager. Three years ago when celebrating our 50th anniversary, we were back visiting the kids, I told Rhonda, my daughter I wanted to visit the Falls while we were there. Believe me I could no longer run along the nature trails, as I did when I was young... I had to set a few times on the benches along the way, but I made one last walk through the nature trails, with her and Mercedez my granddaughter. It was one of my favorite places from my youth. I grew up about 40 minutes from there in a little place called Keyser Ridge, MD. They now have a McDs located there next to a Truck Stop. I lived just over the hill.

Wren said...

Ann, I was thinking of you when I posted this. I hoped you had been there! Lane lives in Loch Lynn (?) and he loves the outdoors. I have to say this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever seen. Lucky you for going so often as a teen!

Gigi Ann said...

When I was young we hung out at Deep Creek Lake a lot, we cruised Oakland on Saturday evenings, There was a Drive-in theater between Oakland and Deep Creek Lake, we all squeezed in whoever had a car and headed for the movies, those were the days, when they had new movies two or three times a week, always something to do. We had square dances every Saturday night at the Accident Maryland Firehall, all ages allowed and allowed to dance. You brought back a lot of memories. That was in the 1953-1958, and then I got married. And my life changed!!! hee, hee.

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