The Heart Truth- Red Dress

Go deeper than the pink, go red. Go deeper than the breast, go to the heart.

Heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women in the USA. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and cultivate social relationships (make friends!); these will help save your heart. I know because I have CAD, coronary artery disease.

29 December 2010


Yesterday I chatted via Facebook messaging with my cousin Cyn. An old idea I had of becoming a flight attendant resurfaced. I'm not too short, nor am I too old. And I can fly part-time. Hmm. Maybe. I just hope the uniforms are nicer than these. (Delta uniforms found with Google.)


Gigi Ann said...

LOL... The one on the right, in the dark suit, looks the best to me. More of the classic look.

That poor little girl in the green dress with the little white hat, and the white gloves in the middle looks a bit anorexic. I hope she has put on a little weight, she would look much better.

How was your vacation? Did it snow where you were?

Wren said...

Hi Gigi Ann! We had snow in Western Pa before I arrived (the Sunday before Christmas) and it is finally melting today! That's over 2 weeks.

As for the picture, some of the ladies need a sandwich and a piece of pie. And some of them should skip the pie! I have no idea which one they wear now. All my flights are American or Continental; those are the only airlines that fly out of Waco.

Happy New Year!

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