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14 February 2010

A little snow

     We got snow on the 11th of February. Not a lot of snow; just an inch or so. Then it rained and the snow went away. But in that Magic hour of evening snow my students experienced snow in a new way.
    Several high school kids drove to the school (it was after 7pm) to have a snowball fight. No disasters. Everyone drove home.
    But, the next day they talked about it.
"Driving in snow is weird. It's like STAR WARS. Instead of stars we had snow coming at us!"
"The snow was too powerery. It wouldn't pack."
"We built a snowman."

I found out it was snowing when I checked Facebook and people kept posting "it's snowing!"
Nothing to shovel, scrape or slide in is my kind of snow. Lovely.


Gramma Ann said...

How great that you all got some snow. Do you get snow much where you are in Texas? You saw the pics of the snow my kids got back east in Maryland. We have about 15 inches here in Iowa right now.

Wren said...

We rarely get snow. If we do it's light and doesn't last long.

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