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20 September 2009

Cinderella in Bremond

Homecoming includes a parade, a football game, and beautiful girls in gorgeous dresses. Five senior girls vie for queen while one girl from each class grades 9 to 11 is the duchess and a representative of her class. Several organizations have sweethearts who are presented as well. Each girl is walked on the track by her father or other escort. It is a lovely time and an honor for the girls involved.

This year the freshman class had as a nominee a girl who wasn’t used to dresses and makeup and high heels and jewelry. She did not decline the nomination. To her surprise, she was elected Freshman Class Duchess. She did not decline the honor. After years of being teased she knew this was a joke; maybe someone was trying to make fun of her. With the current economy, her family did not have the funds for gowns and frivolities. Would she be able to represent her class?

I’ll call her Cherri. She is quiet. She does not cause trouble, nor does she raise her voice. She is not a fighter in the physical sense. But this time she decided to push on. She was elected and therefore she would be duchess. Teachers encouraged her as did her older sister and friends and family.

This is where the fairy godmothers appear. I don’t know who they are. But I know what they did. Someone took Cherri shopping for a gown and jewelry and shoes (high heels!) She received several beauty treatments; eyebrow waxing, pedicure and manicure. She got her ears pierced. On homecoming day she had her hair done and was given earrings. A teacher, who also sells makeup, made up her face and gave her the makeup. For the parade she rode in a black mustang convertible owned by an upper class girl (sophomore.)

The beautiful duchess walked down the track with her daddy. She felt like Cinderella. When her name was announced she was sure the audience cheered more for her than they had for anyone else!

I love the people of Bremond. It is the people who make a town a home.
(Thank you Mrs. Y for the use of the picture!)

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Gramma Ann said...

Awwww...what a lovely story, and she is a beauty. I'm sure it will a day and night for her to remember the rest of her life.

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