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03 June 2009

Ms Nanna's vacation

Since last summer I have gone on three vacations without my beloved dog Nanna. She has been well cared for by her 'Aunt' Cara and Mr. Donnie. But come Monday Nanna is going with me to Pennsylvania for the summer. In order to keep 'Aunt' Cara aware of Nanna and me I have decided to post 'Ms. Nanna's vacation.'
Currently, Ms. Nanna has nothing to do to prepare for the trip. Check back on Friday for part one.


Gramma Ann said...

I am so envious, My family lives in Western Maryland and I would love to visit them and see the new grandchild, but I have to wait until next spring or summer. Have a great visit with family and friends. I thought you were going to NYC with your brother. When will you be doing that part of your vacation? This is the "Nosy Blogger Buddy" signing out.


Wren said...

NYC with my brother is after I get to PA. My family lives in Western PA- I'm the only one out of state!
Nanna won't get to go to NYC :-(

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