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23 May 2009

x-men, angels and demons

I saw a couple of movies. Since I have tons of stuff to grade and 5 final exams to write, I thought I would take the day off and see several movies!

Number one- Wolverine. I've never seen an X-men movie and don't know anything about the story. However, Hugh Jackman is a favorite of mine so I decided to give this movie a chance. Enjoyable and a good use of my time. But I'm not sure why these characters are mutants. What did they mutate from or with?

The second- Angels and Demons. I listened to the book a few years ago. I've read THE DAVINCI CODE and enjoyed that movie. I had to check this out. I remember who is behind everything and kept that in mind as I watched. Nicely done and more interesting than the book.

On a different note, my younger brother is most likely going to New York City with me in June!

And one more week of school. Only three days left of the class from hell (that would be 7th period.)


Gramma Ann said...

I am not a fan of either movie, so no comment on them. But, my daughter likes the X-men movies. She didn't watch them when they first came to the theaters, but her son liked them and so she got the videos and watched them from the first one until she got caught up and then she started to go to the new releases. She enjoys them, but told me I would not, which I already knew.

Have a fun vacation in NY with your brother. I am going to take a break from blogging this summer, don't know when I will be back, so if you don't hear from me that is why.

Enjoy your summer!

Anonymous said...

Yes I will be in NYC with you.
Hugh Jackman is reason enough to see the movie. I am not raving x-men fan they are based off a comic which I never read.

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