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12 May 2009

shattered dreams

May 9th was the prom. On May 5th and 6th our school and city participated in a Shattered Dreams program.
High school students watch as some of their friends are transported to hospitals and one to jail as the result of a drunk driving accident. All the emergency personnel arrive. Cars are cut open. Some students are covered with sheets or blankets- they have 'died.' Memorial pictures are set up in the cafeteria at lunch. The next day the 'victims' read letters to their parents about what their lives would have been if they had not died. Most touching this year was a young man who 'died' and left behind a new born son (for real.) To die 5 days after your son is born, even to imagine it, is heartbreaking.

Several students were remeoved from class by the Grim Reaper. One of the girls would later THAT DAY have an accident. Despite rolling the car, she is ok. Thank God.

And why does everyone participate? Practice for the EMS and others. Driving home a point to the kids. Don't drink and drive.

The picture above is from the reenactment.


Gramma Ann said...

Oh, yes. It is that time of year, when kids are going to proms and graduating and all caution is thrown to the wind.

In our area I haven't heard that any have had accidents (so far). I think the after-prom activities have become a help. It gives the kids something to do and supervision as well.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is so pervasive. I drank a little when I was in High School but nothing like kids today, hell Sebastien and Drew appear to have been drunk through most of high school.

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