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31 May 2008

School is out

Another year has ended. Ok, another SCHOOL year has ended. It is with pleasure I say "goodbye" and "good luck" to several seniors. They are going to need it. Not having studied or completed assignments unassisted, they now advance on the work force and possibly higher education, incapable of succeeding.

Why did this happen?

We, the teachers, have tried to give assignments geared to thinking and solving problems. And students have resisted. And we have relented and helped.

Failure is not an option. If a student fails we must be able to explain why. What did we do to help?

Who do the students answer to? Themselves. Seniors believe they are now adults and do not have to follow anyone else's orders.

(You know that attitude is really going to be helpful in the work and education worlds.)

So, to all those students out there who don't need anyone and refuse to follow orders and listen to their superiors, I say this: learn how to fill out those govenment forms for Welfare, AFDC, unemployment and indigent medical care. Maybe the people in those offices will help you- maybe.


Elisabeth said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I can't really write much now because I am at an internet cafe in Paris, but I do find your blog interesting, and will return. What do you teach? French?

Wren said...

I teach English at a small high school. I am trying to move to Paris to teach English as a foreign language.

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog.
Enjoy Paris!

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